Video production

You can use video for all sorts of purposes in your trials; the table below will give you some ideas.


How long is your video? Standard Bespoke (from)
Up to 300 words
(about 2 minutes)
 £600  £750
Up to 450 words
(about 3 minutes)
 £775  £960
Up to 600 words
(about 4 minutes)
 £950  £1,185
Up to 750 words
(about 5 minutes)
 £1,250  £1,560
Up to 900 words
(about 6 minutes)
 £1,500  £1,875
Up to 1050 words
(about 7 minutes)
 £1,700  £2,125

Costs are subject to VAT and a 25% deposit upfront with the balance payable on completion

Your Videos

These costs are for our standard video format and include scriptwriter, the actor, filming and production, but we are able to do many different styles including animation, talking heads, interviews and promotional – take a look here at some examples of our work.

Once the production process is complete, you will receive an MP4 video file for each video and an embed code that will be live for a minimum of three years. 

There are no ongoing licence fees or limits in the number users or viewers; they are your videos to use as you wish.

No. of sites

If your trial is running across a number of sites you may want to create additional versions of your videos using the logos and contact details for each of the sites to use. The cost is £125 per site for each additional video created.


We can produce animated clips or videos at a cost of £500 per 30 seconds of animation.

Participant and Staff Surveys

These can be built, hosted and reported on for you at a cost of £100 per survey


A centralised place for timely information and consent procedures including relevant notification features.
Set up costs start from £4000

 Subtitles and British Sign Language

Take a look at our ‘Accessible Information‘ page

What now?

To find out more about using video in your trial, call us on 01626 833937 or email [email protected]